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Servants Not Superstars

by on August 22, 2011

World Philosophies have been summarized in this manner:

Greece said,”Be wise, know yourself” • Rome said, “Be strong, discipline yourself” • Religion says, “Be holy, conform yourself” • Epicureanism says,”Be sensuous, enjoy yourself” • Education says,”Be resourceful, expand yourself” • Materialism says,”Be satisfied, please yourself” • Psychology says,”Be confident, fulfill yourself” • Pride says,”Be confident, promote yourself” • Asceticism says,”Be inferior, suppress yourself” • Humanism says,”Be capable, believe in yourself” • Philanthropy says,”Be generous, give yourself” • Legalism says,”Be Pious, limit yourself”.

Isn’t it interesting how all of the Philosophies end with the same word…SELF……& each one seems to be totally different from the Philosophy of Jesus Christ: “BE A SERVANT, THINK OF OTHERS.”

Jesus said, “I didn’t come so that people could serve me, I came so that I could serve the people.”

God didn’t call us to be celebrities but servants. We shouldn’t wonder how people can serve us but how we can serve then. No matter who we are or what position we hold, we must always seek opportunities to serve, love & give.

God, give us your heart…make us your hands and feet. Help us to love others, in the same way that you have loved us.

Expect A Miracle.
J Garcia


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