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The Power of Your Words

by on August 24, 2011

When the Gettysburg battleground became a national cemetery, Edward Everett was asked to give the dedication speech, and Abraham Lincoln was asked to say “a few appropriate words.

Everett spoke eloquently for 1 hour 57 minutes, then took his seat.

Then Lincoln got to the podium, slipped on his spectacles, and spoke for only 2 minutes. By the time the event photographer got to the front to take a picture, Lincoln was already done and off the stage.

When Lincoln got to his seat, John Young of the Philadelphia Press whispered to him, “is that all?” – The President replied, “yes, that’s all.”

To this day, no one can recall anything that Edward Everett spoke that night…but what happened that little 2 minute speech Abraham Lincoln gave?

It came to be known what we know as, “The Gettysburg Address”.

Never underestimate the POWER OF WORDS….words in your prayer life, words of encouragement, words that insult, words that build, or even tear down. Words have the power to impact life. There is POWER in your words…

The Bible says, “… and death are in your tongue…”

Expect a Miracle,
J Garcia


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