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Have you ever asked Jesus to pray for you?

by on September 6, 2011

One morning sitting in a Bible study with my father, he looked up and asked the entire class, “have you ever asked Jesus to pray for you?”

That question completely caught the entire class off guard. Besides the fact that we had never done it, the reality was, none of us had never even “thought” about it!

“Jesus praying for me?” – it seemed so ridiculous that I wasn’t sure if this was a “trick question” or not.

But as he began to explain, everything became CRYSTAL CLEAR….

Here’s what he said: Jesus prays for you, he always does. Do you remember the night that Jesus was betrayed?

Before He went to the Garden of Gethsemane, He sat at supper with His disciples. After explaining to them what had to happen to Him, Peter decided to express his allegiance to Jesus and said, “I won’t allow anyone to do anything to you, it won’t happen as long as I’m alive…I’ll even go to prison for you!!”

Jesus rebuked him and told him, “Peter, that’s Satan behind those words….You can’t stop what God has planned. I have to die and give my life! It’s the shedding of my blood that will bring salvation to the world….You are on dangerous ground Peter, because Satan is demanding to have you…He really wants to take you out…..BUT I HAVE PRAYED FOR YOU that your faith doesn’t failed you!” (Luke 22:31)

Did you get that? Jesus told Peter, I HAVE PRAYED FOR YOU….Jesus prayed for Peter! Jesus, God himself prayed for Peter…..on the eve of the salvation of the world, Jesus took the time to pray for Peter!!!!

Doesn’t that change the perception we have of God? Most of us wouldn’t even consider God praying for us. God is too busy dealing with REAL issues, He doesn’t have time for our petty problems…..but He does have the time. He wants to be a part of everything in your life, even the smallest details!

God desires intimacy with you, relationship with you and a connection with you. There is nothing to big or too small…you can talk to Him about anything, and His fatherly ear is open to listen to all you have to say. You can ask Him to pray for you or help you pray about any situation in your life and guess what? HE WILL!

So consider it for yourself….and now as my father asked me, now I ask you….HAVE YOU EVER ASKED JESUS TO PRAY FOR YOU???

If you never have….then do it today…ask him, and let the creator of heaven and earth go to the father on your behalf!!

Blessings and Favor on you today!!!

Expect a Miracle,
J Garcia


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