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The Bee Sting

by on September 19, 2011

A vacationing family drives along in their car, windows rolled down, enjoying the warm breeze of the summer day.

All of a sudden, a big bee darts in the window and starts buzzing around inside the car. A little girl, highly allergic to bee stings, cringes in the back seat. If the bee stings her, she could die within the hour.

“oh daddy,” she screams. “it’s a bee! Its going to sting me!!” The father pulls the car over to a stop, and reaches back to try and catch the bee. Buzzing around toward him, the bee bumps against the front windshield here the father catches it in his hand.

Holding it in his closest hand, the father waits for the sting. The bee stings the father’s hand and in pain, the father let’s go of the bee.

The bee is loose in the car again. The little girl again panics, “daddy, it’s going to sting me!!” The father gently says, “no honey, he’s not going to sting you now. Look at my hand.” The bee’s stinger was stuck there in his hand.

Paul said “death, where is your victory? Where is your sting?”

Jesus says to us, “look at my hands. He has satan’s sting. The sting of death, the sting of sin, the sting of deceit, the sting of worthlessness.

Jesus has all of those stingers in his hands. When you see His nail scared hands, realize that, on your behalf, Jesus took all the wrath of God against sin. He took your place. He became your substitute. Just for you…because He loves you!

This is the victory that Jesus won for you!

Have a blessed week!

Expect a Miracle.
J Garcia


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