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The Little Boy & The Circus

by on September 28, 2011
A little boy who lived far out of the country in the late 1800’s had reached the age of 12 and had never in all his life seen a circus. You can imagine his excitement, when one day a poster went up at school announcing that on the next Saturday a traveling circus was coming to the nearby town. He ran home with the glad news and the question, “Daddy, can I go?”
Although the family was poor, the father sensed how important this was to the boy. “If you do your Saturday chores ahead of time,” he said, “I’ll see to it that you have the money to go.”
Come Saturday morning, the chores were done and the little boy stood by the breakfast table, dressed in his Sunday best. His father reached into his pocket of his overalls and pulled out a dollar bill- the most money the little boy had possessed at one time in all his life. The father cautioned him to be careful and then sent him on his way to town.
The boy was so excited, his feet hardly seemed to touch the ground all the way. As he neared the outskirts of the village, he noticed people lining the streets, and he worked his way through the crowd until he could see what was happening. Lo and behold, it was the approaching spectacle of a circus parade.
The parade was the grandest thing this boy had ever seen. Caged animals snarled as they passed, bands beat their rhythms and sounded shining horns, acrobats used flags and ribbons. Finally, after everything had passed where he was standing, the traditional circus clown, with floppy shoes, baggy pants, and a brightly painted face, was at the end of the circus parade. As the clown passed by, the little boy reached into his pocket and took out that precious dollar bill. Handing he money to the clown, the boy turned around and went home.
What had happened? The boy thought he had seen he circus when he had only seen the parade.
Are you experiencing all that God has for you? The Christian life is an incredible adventure, and exciting journey! Many people – including Christians – seem to be content to live a mediocre Christian life, settling for 2nd best.
Do you want the abundant life that Jesus promised? Do you want to live life to its fullest? Then AIM HIGHER.
Don’t set your sights too low! Determine to become all that God created you to be. Give yourself to Jesus, follow him completely, and allow the Holy Sprit to work in you, and through you. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!
Expect a Miracle,
J Garcia

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