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Caught in a Blizzard

by on September 30, 2011

A man hiking out of the Chugach mountains of Alaska hoped to make it to camp before a deadly blizzard hit. He was too late. The blizzard struck with such a fury that he was unable to see even two feet in front of his face. The windblown snow and ice knocked him off his feet as he struggled to find his way.

Although he knew that he was only a short distance from camp, he had lost his sense of direction and couldn’t determine which way to go. Finally, in the dark of the night, he slumped down into a snow bank-cold, wet, and totally exhausted. He could go on no further. He resigned himself to die.

As he lay there in the snow, he thought he heard something-a faint cry, like the whimpering of a puppy. He called out to it and tried to crawl toward the sound. Sure enough, it was a dog that was also lost in the storm. The puppy had somehow been separated from its mother and was freezing to death. The man quickly began rubbing the dog’s fur, trying to keep the dog’s blood circulating so that the dog would survive. He warmed the dog with his breath, continuing through the night to try to keep the little puppy alive.

The next day scouts from the village found both the man and the dog alive. The discovered that the man, by working to keep the little dog alive during the night, had kept himself alive as well.

When we serve others, we do a lot of good for them. More importantly, perhaps, we ourselves are changed. We benefit. We grow. We become more like Christ. If you are feeling spiritually empty, you may need to stop thinking about yourself and serve others. The way to spiritual health is to give yourself away.

Expect a Miracle
J Garcia


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