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The Flying V

by on October 6, 2011

Ever wonder why geese fly in a V formation? Scientist at Cal Tech did. They put their computers and flight simulators to work and discovered the answer – flocks of geese form this pattern because it’s easier to fly that way.

The formation acts aerodynamically like a single wing; that is, wind drag is distributed equally across all the birds. This in turn reduces drag on each individual bird. 25 geese flying together in a V can travel 70% faster that one goose flying alone.

Because the lead goose actually situates itself slightly behind the perfect point position of the V, the geese that follow relieve some of its wind drag. It does not have to work harder than the others.

The benefit of the air flown patter in the V (because it acts as a single flying wing) goes both ways. While the lead birds pull along those that are behind, the followers’ flight sends relief back up to the front.

From geese we can learn that, although we live in a society that promotes individualism and self relienace, we function more effectively in community. Like geese, we were created by God to work together, serve together, and encourage and support each other. When we cooperate and help each other to succeed, we not only accomplish much, but we do it with less stress and difficulty. Let’s work together and do it God’s way!!

Expect a Miracle,

J Garcia


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