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Too Many Engineers

by on September 9, 2013

One of the worst train disasters in history occurred in the El Toro tunnel in Leon, Spain, on January 3, 1944. Over 500 people died.

The train was one of those long passenger trains with an engine on both ends. On this particular day, when the train went into the El Toro tunnel, the engine on the front stalled.

When the front engine stopped, the engineer in the back started his engine in order to back the train out of the tunnel.

At the same time, the front engineer managed to get the front engine started again, attempting to continue the journey. Neither engineer had any way of communicating to each other. Both engineers thought they simply needed more power.

They continued to pull in both directions for several minutes. Hundreds of passengers on the train in the tunnel died of carbon monoxide poisoning because the engineers on the train could not make up their minds where to go. The people on the train died that day because the train had one too many engineers.

Many of us struggle as to which way to go with our lives. Whether to come to Jesus or remain in our sin. This indecision can cause us to miss out on the most important decision in life (Salvation).

Sometimes we think we can have it both ways but we can’t. (Believe me, I’ve tried) We can’t serve God and serve the devil. Jesus warned us to not live a double life: “No one can serve two masters…” Matthew 6:24a

I pray that you will allow God to engineer your train in life. Not only is He the right one for the job, but He knows the path because He designed the path. Live by faith and trust Him.

Have a blessed week!

Expect a Miracle,

J García


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