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Un Mundo Sin Limites 2014 (A World Without Limits)

by on February 2, 2014

Wow!! Where do I begin to put into words the amazing week we had in San Antonio, Texas at the UN MUNDO SIN LIMITES Conference?

From day one there was such an anticipation in the air that God was going to do something. From my staff to leadership academy students, everyone kept asking me, “Pastor, do you sense something in the atmosphere? God is going to do something special!” Everyone could feel it and like always, God delivered!

Something shifted in the atmosphere this week…something different took place. It felt as if we are coming into a new season of vision and purpose! As a ministry we have always had a great sense of direction coming from our founding pastors, Freddie and Ninfa García, but this felt as if the calling to take the gospel to the nations was solidified for this NEW GENERATION!

From the first night of the conference Pastor Luis Salazar (Lima, Peru) broke the conference open with a powerful message challenging us all that we should be part of this global movement!

Tuesday morning began with messages from Pastor Antonio Piña (Mexico) sharing that we all have a responsibility to take the gospel to the rest of the world. Pastor Monce (Brownsville, Texas) spoke about how many of us put limits on God because we have no world vision. Pastor Juan Carlos (Panama) spoke about how we are called to make disciples in order to impact our cities & Tuesday evening closed with Pastor Jose Luis (Corpus Christi, Texas) teaching us that we were created for a mission!

Wednesday morning began with me speaking about purpose & calling. Pastor Julio Caceres (Venezuela) followed up with a great message on discipleship. Then Pastor Pedro Marrero (Puerto Rico) spoke a powerful word about how preparation is absolutely necessary in order to fulfill your calling! Wednesday evening closed up with Pastor Gustavo Garces (Spain) speaking an incredible sermon entitled “My Descendants will inherit nations!”

Thursday morning kicked off with Pastor Roman Herrera (San Antonio) speaking about “who is God?” and giving us a great illustration about the inner workings in the Outcry Home and the process of producing disciples in the leadership academy. Then Pastor Victor Quevedo (Mexico) spoke a message about the “call of God” where he challenged us to stop making excuses and obey God! After that Pastor Gustavo Garces spoke about his experiences in pioneering the first Outcry home in Europe, as well and the challenges and losses involved. Thursday evening Pastor Antonio Piña closed the evening with a message that clarified that God calls us but he won’t beg us.

Friday morning I spoke again about why it is so important to discover your calling! I shared two things: 1. We each have a tailor made destiny to impact this planet. 2. We only have a certain about of limited time to accomplish it. Pastor Luis followed up with a great message about how we all have amazing potential that God has placed inside all of us! Friday evening was special for me because I closed the conference speaking about the importance of discipleship, and raising up the next generation. But as the evening closed God has put in my spirit to speak a word of “resurrection” into the lives of all the Pastors, Directors, Leaders of our ministry. God told me “Jubal, there are many dreams and visions that I have given these men and women; but because they haven’t come to pass yet, these men & women have given up on them. Their dreams are dead and buried…but tonight I am going to resurrect their dreams once again. God put a word in my heart to “call forth” those dreams and visions to rise again from the grave of unbelief! We had such a break through is was an amazing night to close up an amazing week!!!!

Some of the most amazing highlights for me were:

• The fact that we streamed every session all over the world!! From different places all around the earth, people were rejoicing with us and celebrating the power of God. So many people watched online and I believe that they experience the same anointing that was in that conference!

• Pastor Piri was a real blessing to me! Seeing him grow in his anointing and calling is so special to me! The kid is literately a quadruple threat, there’s not much Piri can’t do! He’s a real blessing to Metanoya Church and Outcry Global, I’m proud of him and excited about what the future holds for him! (Ps: watch out for Piri’s album being released in 2014)

• My brother Paul taking worship to another level. Earlier in this blog I said that I feel that something happened in the atmosphere…this is what I’m talking about. It all begins with worship. There is something special that happens when Paul worships….sometimes I feel like there’s that moment when he’s singing and gets to a certain level of anointing in the room…a moment where I feel like God stops everything He’s doing, and tunes His ear to listen. I know that when Paul sings, God smiles. It’s always an honor for me to share the stage with my brother. He’s an amazing person, a great musician but a supernatural worshiper. I hope one day to be able to make God smile as much as he does.

• Finally, one of the greatest moments for me was at the end of my message Friday night, I spoke some prophetic words into Pastor Roman & Alma, Pastor Luis & Vangie Salazar, and to my dear loving Mama. It was amazing for me to be able to minister to those who have ministered to me for so many years. To be able see God’s faithfulness in each of their lives and to know that God has so much more for them. I have been extremely blessed this week!!!

And now, I’m packing for Monterey. Un Mundo Sin Limites begins Monday night in Mexico. Go figure, I just spent an amazing week seeing God do some ridiculous things, and now I get to pack my bags and see it happen all over again in another country…I have the best job in the world!!

In the end I realized something very special…I am part of an amazing global transformation!!! Not a religious organization or even a denomination, but a movement. I’m not part of a “church”, I’m part of a family. We aren’t building a ministry, we are establishing God’s Kingdom. I realized I love my God, I love my family & all my loved ones at Outcry & Metanoya so much! I realized I’m not a Pastor, a spiritual teacher or even a leader….

I’m a world changer…a trailblazer…blazing a path to places no one is going or wants to go for that matter and taking the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world!!! This is who I am, this is who we are. It is in our spiritual DNA to love the lost, the broken and the hurting. To reach out to the ones the world doesn’t want or has rejected. To seek after the diamonds in the rough, to find the beauty in the ashes and pearls of great price. We are spiritual miners, digging into the depths of drug connections and shooting galleries, under bridges and abandoned buildings…finding God’s treasures out of darkness and bringing them to the saving power of Jesus Christ.

To be honest I’m humbled to be a small part of this global movement. And in the end, it’s nothing we do or know. IT IS A WORK OF GOD. There is no formula or magic pattern. We follow what the bible says, preach the gospel in faith and God does it all. The secret to Outcry’s success…IT IS A WORK OF GOD.

So I’m proud…honored and humbled to be a part of this. I’m awed to see so many people who love God and love others. Outcry & Metanoya have the absolute most amazing teams, staff and leaders I’ve ever been a part of! I’m so proud of you all and thankful for each and every one of you that work so hard. I honor you and pray for you and your loved ones. Thank you for believing in the Vision!! Lets take the world for Jesus!!!

Expect a Miracle,

Pastor Jubal


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