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Philip Seymour Hoffman

by on February 6, 2014


Sitting at the airport waiting for a flight to Monterrey, Mexico, I began to read an article about the tragic death of a great actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Reports say that the autopsy isn’t in yet, but investigators believe that heroin overdose is the cause of death, considering that there were approx 5 used envelopes of heroin and possibly 65 unused envelopes of heroin found in his apartment.

What really gets me about this story is the fact that there is seemingly no answer for the drug epidemic. With all of it’s opinions, professionals, and suggestions, the mainstream world has ZERO ways to stop people from addiction & dying from drug overdoses. I was shocked to read an article from CNN entitled, “How Heroin Kills You” – it covered what heroin is, death rate ratios between legal and illegal drugs, it even suggested how to use heroin.

What bothered me the most about the article was the crystal clear fact that just days after Hoffman’s death, the conversation is about heroin and not about the man, or even more important: the CURE!!

What good does knowing how heroin kills you do for the millions of addicts in America battling what they feel is a demon that there is no cure for? What good does knowing “how heroin kills you” do for Hoffman’s babies who have lost their father? What good did knowing “how heroin kills you” do for Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Do you really believe that addicts do drugs because they “don’t know it will kill them?” Are you suggesting that if we “educate” addicts that drugs are bad they won’t use them?

Let me clarify something: addicts are not stupid or uneducated people. I have a friend who graduated first in his class in nuclear physics and couldn’t shake a cocaine and alcohol addiction. Addicts are not stupid people, and if you were fortunate enough to see any classic Hoffman performance, you would know that neither was he. So right off, you have to admit that the problem is deeper than ignorance or lack of education.

So what’s the reason for an article like that? I mean, in a time like this wouldn’t it be wiser to offer a solution instead of reinstating the problem? Right now, every major news station is speaking about addiction, heroin, drug overdoses, etc.

Now that the ears of a nation are open and hearts are saddened by the loss of a great actor, wouldn’t this be the moment when we would say: “Lets offer the answer, the solution….the way that addiction can be broken so that there’s not another Hoffman tragedy.”

You see, we lost a great actor but someone lost a father, a brother, a son and a friend. This is the time to speak up……& with a platform like these news reporters, & columnist have, give the world a solution and an answer…that is, unless …..YOU DONT HAVE ONE.

And I think this is where we find the problem. There is no answer. Society says, “once an addict, always an addict”. And so we have learned to accept that there will be Belushi, Ledger, Jackson, Houston & Philip Seymour Hoffman incidents every few years. We look at young men like Justin Bieber and (I’ve heard people) say, “that kids going to overdose one day…”

But really? Is that it? Is that all we have? Criticism and ill will towards someone who is obviously battling and struggling with a serious problem?

What I’m trying to say is that instead of writing about “how heroin kills” or criticizing and unashamedly prophesying how or when Justin Bieber will die…lets find the solution. Lets make sure we don’t have another overdose, lets make sure Bieber or whoever else doesn’t become the next casualty.

Instead of wasting precious column space on restating the problem, lets use global platforms like CNN, Fox and other major cyber publications and promote the solution, lets give people an answer, lets give the families of addicts hope, and lets give addicts a way out of this hell hole called addiction!

I apologize for speaking so aggressively, but I don’t have the tact of an educated writer or the precision of a professional columnist. I actually don’t even know how to write. All I’m doing is standing on my soapbox and speaking my heart.

You see, the Philip Seymour Hoffman overdose is very dear to my heart, and the reason is because I am the son of a former heroin addict: a man who used to stick a needle in his arm multiple times a day and shoot heroin in his veins. My father used to put the same poison in his arm that killed Hoffman. And in the same way, my father was a slave to the same bondage of addiction that Hoffman was in. My father carried the same “monkey on his back” (drug addict terminology) that ultimately choked the life out of Hoffman.

You see, my father was a heroin addict, a junkie, and a prisoner of addiction. Three separate times my father overdosed on heroin but by the grace of God, my father didn’t die.

My father also felt like all addicts feel, that they will forever be addicts with no way out. Hopelessly living with the “cards they were dealt”, thinking “this is who I am and this is who I will always be”.

But guess what? Something happened in my fathers life that BROKE THE BONDAGE OF ADDICTION!!!! Yes…you have to read that previous line again….the experience that my father had CHANGED HIS LIFE FOREVER , and he NEVER returned to any kind of addiction. My father wasn’t an “addict in recovery” – because recovery implies that you are still sick. NO!! My father was COMPLETELY SET FREE FROM ADDICTION!!! He was never again an addict but for the rest of his life, an EX ADDICT!!

And do you know what the BEST part of the story is? I NEVER had to see my father addicted, by the time that I was born he had been set free for many years already. And I was able to enjoy my father everyday until The Lord took him home at 72 years of age.

I am not criticizing any writer or columnist, please don’t take my comments as such…I am simply stating the testimony of my family. Both my parents were addicts, and something happened one day that completely transformed them forever.

Instead of reinstating the problem, lets give people the answer!! Lets offer hope, and a solution!! My parents found that hope, freedom and deliverance from addiction and they NEVER RETURNED to it, not even one time!!!

My heart breaks for Mr. Hoffman’s three babies who will never know their father for who he really was, and I have prayed for them everyday since I heard about the tragedy.

My message is simple: THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO KEEP HAPPENING!! There is an answer!! THERE IS A SOLUTION!!!

To all the families of addicts: COMPLETE DELIVERANCE IS AVAILABLE!!! Don’t believe the lie that “once an addict always an addict” – that is a lie from the deepest parts of hell!!!

To the addict: YOU DONT HAVE LIVE & DIE AND ADDICT!! There IS deliverance from addiction! Take it from the son of a former junkie, you can be free!!! I don’t care what people, doctors or counselor have told you: there is a way to totally and forever be free from your addiction!!! You don’t have to die an addict!! I promise you there is hope and freedom!!!!

Today, I pastor a place called OUTCRY that has one of the highest, if not the highest success rates in the world for addicts!!! (60-80% for those who complete the 6 month program) I have literally seen addicts by the thousands set free and delivered!! This is not a gimmick or a hustle, I have nothing to gain by telling you my story. I just want mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and loved ones of addicts to know that THERE IS ABSOLUTE DELIVERANCE FROM ADDICTION. Again, this is not a joke, it’s 100% true.

2 weeks ago, congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and NBA Legend, David Robinson came to visit me at OUTCRY to see how & why OUTCRY was having such incredible success. If you don’t believe me that ABSOLUTE FREEDOM from addiction is possible: feel free to contact: Congressman Ryan’s office, or Mr Robinson’s office and ask if OUTCRY is legit.

If you or anyone you know is hooked and needs help, please contact us at OUTCRY. You can call, write or email:

210.434.2774 (24 hour line)

PO Box 37387
San Antonio, Texas 78237

I want to give you my fathers autobiography, (Yes, give you) just contact us and we’ll send it to you, free of charge! I want you to see for yourself WHAT THE ENCOUNTER was that transformed my parents from addicts to ex-addicts.

Please contact us. Let us know if you or someone you know needs help. We want to help you and show you that DELIVERANCE from addiction is possible and available!!

If you are reading this, please like us on FB, share, retweet and email to anyone and everyone you know. We have to get the word out: THE BONDAGE OF ADDICTION CAN BE BROKEN FOREVER!!

Lets not let another Philip Seymour Hoffman tragedy occur in Hollywood, the inner city, middle class America or corporate America again. Don’t ignore this blog, lets get the word out. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION….

We CAN still heal our nation one person at a time!!

Expect a Miracle,

Pastor Jubal



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