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The Look of Faith

by on March 16, 2014


This morning I shared a message entitled, “The Look of Faith” taken from Numbers 21:1-9

The story of Israel when they departed Egypt and wandered in the wilderness is a story of rebellion, complaining and unbelief. They rebelled against Moses, they rebelled against God and worst of all, they wanted to go back to Egypt. Israel hadn’t been allowed to enter the Promised Land because of unbelief, and now here in Numbers 21, we find that God is going to deal with their attitudes. 

God ended up sending fiery serpents to bite the people and many of them died. The people of Israel quickly realized that it was God’s judgement upon them for their attitude of complaining, and they begged Moses to pray for them. What catches my attention about this story is God’s response. God could have answered and healed them instantly, but He didn’t. Instead, He used this opportunity to share the message of the Cross thousands of years before it actually happened. 

I’m shocked to find the amount of believers that think that the message of the Cross and the gospel began in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Let me say that the message of the Cross and God’s redemption of man is the CENTRAL theme of the Bible. From Genesis 1 all the way to Revelation 22, the message of the Cross permeates every single page of the Bible! 

Let’s take a look at how God responds: God tells Moses, “Make a serpent out of bronze and put it up on a wooden post, now whoever looks at that bronze serpent after being bitten will be healed.”  Now there is something interesting about this order: 

Bronze in the Bible always means: “Judgment”, the serpent represents “sin”, and the wooden post represents “the cross”. The message here is absolutely clear: It was a prophetic sermon about the work of Jesus on Calvary. God was saying, “One day in the the future, My Son will die on the Cross, and endure the full judgment for sin.”  

The amazing thing is that all through the Bible, salvation has come and will always come through the Cross of Jesus Christ. Pre-Calvary believers were saved by placing their faith in what Jesus WOULD DO on the Cross. Post-Calvary believers (us) are saved by placing our faith in what Jesus HAS DONE on the Cross. So no matter what side of the Cross you are on, the central theme of salvation has been and always will be the Cross!!!

Just as the serpent on the pole was a sign of God’s judgment against sin, Jesus on the Cross received God’s judgement for our sins. Our sins were judged at the Cross. Jesus bore the sins of the world on the Cross. But you have to believe the Gospel. You see, the Gospel has no impact of effect on anyone if it is not received in faith! Take God at His word, and believe in what He did for you at Calvary! 

“And as Moses lifted up the bronze snake on a pole in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up.” John 3:14

Have a blessed and amazing week! 

Expect A Miracle, 

Pastor Jubal

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