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by on April 18, 2014


John 19:17-22

The worst kind of death was crucifixion. Even the Romans themselves were terrified of it. Cicero once said that crucifixion was the “most cruel and horrifying death”. Roman citizens were never crucified, only slaves and foreigners who were criminals. The routine of crucifixion was always the same. When the trial was over and the person had been found guilty, the judge would then say “IBIS AD CRUCEM” – meaning: “YOU WILL GO TO THE CROSS”. The person was then taken by four roman soldiers, he was made to carry his own cross, he was always beaten before the actual execution, and most of the time whipped while he was on his way to the place of crucifixion. In Jerusalem, the place of execution was called “The Place of the Skull” or in Hebrew, “Golgotha”. (Calvary is Latin for Place of the Skull – from “Calavario”) 

According to Roman law, a criminal had to hang on the cross until he died from hunger, thirst and exposure, this is sometimes lasted for several days, but by Jewish law, the body must be taken and buried by nightfall. In Roman law, the body was just thrown on the ground for the vultures and wild animals to eat. But this would have been illegal under Jewish law. Either way, GOLGOTHA was a place where evil things were done. It was the place where Jesus went to die. The place where a man took my place and suffered because of the things that I did. Jesus, on the cross, became MY SUBSTITUTE. Calvary was the place I was sentenced to, but when the verdict came: “IBIS AD CRUCEM”, Jesus stood up and said, “I WILL GO TO THE CROSS ON HIS BEHALF.”

As you remember that today is GOOD FRIDAY, it is good because of what the death of Jesus brought us. Forgivess, reconciliation with God, and new life. Take some time today and share the gospel with someone about what GOOD FRIDAY really means. And for those who remember this day with saddened emotions, remember: SUNDAYS ON THE WAY!


Pastor Jubal Garcia 

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