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Spiritual Growth

by on May 18, 2014

ImageThis morning I had a wonderful time with my Metanoya Church family as I spoke on “Spiritual Growth”. I believe that if we are honest with ourselves, all of us have an understanding that we need to grow spiritually. But how does someone grow as a christian? How does someone grow spiritually? There have to be some tangible ways in order to gauge ourselves to know we are genuinely growing…Here are some ways to measure spiritual growth….

1. Do I have an increasing desire and determination to know God and his word? 

We should find ourselves longing for a closer relationship with God. We must develop that relationship with Prayer and study of the word of God. Any relationship that is going to grow has to have communication. There has to be a giving of both parties in order for that relationship to be healthy. Have you ever been been in a one sided relationship? If you ever have you know first hand that it is not healthy nor can you truly be happy. Its the same way in your walk with Jesus. God has to know you, but you also have to know God. One of the best ways to know God is through his written word. (The Bible) How much time do you spend in the word daily? Are you hungry for God’s word? Do you have an appetite to hear from God? If not, I want to encourage you to begin to open your Bible and let God speak to you. 

2. Do I have a strong desire to separate myself from the things of the world?

Let me clarify something here: I am not talking about becoming some weird hermit that has no contact with the people or the world around you. I am speaking about the secular world system not influencing you to go back to your old ways. We obviously have to be “in the world” for work, school, and ministry, but I am talking about not allowing the “world” to have a grip on you. WE ARE IN THE WORLD BUT WE ARE NOT OF IT. As we grow spiritually, our desire for the things of this world will decrease, while the desire for the things of God will increase.

3. Do I have a growing faith? 

I’m going to be honest: Sometimes faith is hard. I know that as a pastor I shouldn’t be saying this, but I am being 100% honest. Sometimes I find it hard to trust God. The crazy thing is, that I have NO REASON to not to trust him. God has always been faithful, but for some reason, I find excuse after excuse not to trust him. My Papa used to always tell me something that I want to share with you: “Son, when it comes to trusting God…play the odds”  – in other words, look at God’s track record: He’s never lied, always kept his promise, always been faithful, and has always come through. So with a history like that, who wouldn’t trust God? So my advice to you is the same thing my Papa told me: “When it comes to trusting God…play the odds.”

4. Do I find it easier to forgive?

Forgiveness is hard sometimes. I know the Bible tells us to forgive, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. It becomes difficult to forgive people who have intentionally hurt us. People who have spoken words with the intention to wound. I have had people who strategically waited until the weakest points in my life to betray me, so I know what many of you feel. However, in spite of all of that, Jesus makes it very clear: ….forgive them. Pray for them. And do good to them. Forgiveness though is a tricky thing: In the human nature, its natural to think: “I can’t forgive them, If I forgive them, I let them go free”, however, forgiveness is not about their freedom, forgiveness is about yours. 

My hope & prayer for Metanoya Church and also for you reading this blog is that we would take the challenge and take the steps necessary to grow spiritually. God has so much for you! God created you with a specific purpose, and there are things that God designed you for that ONLY YOU can accomplish! God believes in you, and the kingdom of God needs you! Let’s do this!

Expect a Miracle,

Pastor Jubal 


If you are ever in San Antonio, please come visit us at Metanoya Church, we’d love to meet you. Or you can watch us online on channel Metanoya Church


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